Peter Gillen

As a Specialist in the area of Retirement Planning, we understand that proper Planning is the key to achieving and maintaining Financial Success.

We utilize a proven, comprehensive process that is called the ‘Personal Wealth Management Strategy’ to guide clients to achieve their Goals and Objectives. This customized ‘Financial Blueprint is created for each unique Valued Relationship that clearly identifies their objectives, strategies to be implemented and anticipated results. This creates a ‘Framework for Effective Decision Making that will allow clients to have a ‘Peace of Mind’ in managing the various financial stages and obstacles that life presents

Fidelity 2018 Outlook

2017 Federal Budgets Highlights

Smaller asset allocation tilts may be warranted as the business cycle matures.

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Retirement 20/20 Retirement, what’s your focus?

Everyone's situation is different. Your path to retirement, why and when you retire and what you plan to do in your retirement are all personal choices. 

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  • After the death of my husband, Peter went above and beyond to give me the peace of mind knowing my future would be financially secure. His expertise, advice and understanding of my needs has been invaluable. I trust Peter to take care of my future as he would his own family.

    - Marylou D
  • We are so grateful to have met Peter and be under his financial guidance for the past 13 years. He is constantly reviewing the financial markets and trends and money managers of our holdings and that makes us confidant that we are constantly moving forward with our financial goals

    - Angela D